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Architectural Interior Design by Kate Church

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During the 2020 national lockdown, Kate Church found herself clearing out the kitchen drawers, noticing that she had saved quite a few wine corks over the years. Looking at them closely, she thought about how each cork represented the many wonderful conversations that she had with family and friends over a bottle. Each one held special memories and, because of the many unique and intricate pictures on the corks, were tiny works of art in their own right.

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She then began to ponder the discussions going on in all our homes at this difficult and unprecedented time. These lockdown conversations were part of the way we as individuals, families and as a nation coped. They demonstrate our resilience and sense of community. Each cork symbolised a moment shared, a memory savoured. Inspired by this, Kate set about to utilise her tiny artworks, and many more, to create an piece that would ultimately be displayed in a public space.

She reached out to local people through the various social media chat groups that were springing up across the country, sometimes on a street by street basis. These groups offered a helping hand to the vulnerable and emotional support to the community. She appealed for her neighbours and those further afield to donate their corks and thus make their story a part of the artwork. Over 5000 corks were donated, and the three-dimensional artwork Love Heart was born. At 2000mm x 2000mm, this beautiful suspended piece conjures up the resourcefulness and resilience of society, neighbours, families and individuals during this historic time. By hosting this artwork, you are evoking both the spirit and the stories of thousands of people.
The Love Heart is available to hire now. Information can be found on our ‘hire’ page.


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